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Because He Lives, You Can Too. 



Khalid Griffin is the senior pastor of Redemption Church.  He submitted to the will of God, inheriting his parents' church.  His parents, Pastors Virgil and Glenda Griffin, recognized it was time for them to transition into a greater season of ministry, so they gladly permitted their son to create and walk in the mission and vision God gave him.  Thus, Pastor Khalid started from the beginning with a new name, new look, new vision, et cetera.  

Pastor Khalid is a proud father of two and the husband of LaToya Griffin.  Additionally, he is an educator who longs to make an impact on his students.  Pastor Khalid began his educational career at South Side High School as an English teacher in 2012.  After serving at South Side for three years, he continued his education in order to pursue administration.  He eventually became an assistant principal at North Side High School in 2016.  Currently he is a  university professor at Trine University in the Franks School of Education.  In short, God has placed Pastor Khalid in the position to make a difference in ministry and in his career.  His personal mission is to empower and inspire as many as he can along the way.



Understanding Redemption and What It Means for You and Me

To "redeem" something or someone means a purchase has to occur.  The transaction usually signified the release of something or someone.  When God the Father sent Jesus Christ, His sacrifice shifted the relationship God would have with mankind. Because of Jesus Christ's blood, we all have the opportunity to experience the results of redemption.  The costly blood of Christ frees us from the bondage of sin and death.  Once we grasp the impact of redemption and God's grace, we should not stop at being saved.  Recognizing Jesus Christ as our Lord, Savior, and Redeemer grants us access to our true calling in life, a new outlook in life, and a greater authority in life.  Walking in your redemption means you do not have to be hopeless, downtrodden, or defeated. Rather, when you become saved, you acquire the power of God which offers hope, confidence, and victory.

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